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"Cameron Watson has a knack for allowing his actors to shine."  Los Angeles Times

Cameron Watson is a highly-recommended acting teacher and private acting coach in Hollywood.  His ongoing scene study classes are very intimate and personal and admission is by referral only. He also specializes in private audition coaching, career counseling and on-set assistance. 

Allison Janney

Allison Janney

'"Cameron is generous and smart and has exquisite taste and instincts as an actor and a director."​

 Jason Ritter

"Cameron will introduce you to subtleties of the human heart you never knew existed.  Being directed by him is a magical experience."

Beth Grant

"Cameron guided me to one of the best performances of my life."

Octavia Spencer

"Cameron is an actor's director.​ He understands our journey as actors and provides us with the tools we need to give our best performances."

Cheryl Hines

"Cameron really understands actors and knows how to find those great performances."

Horton Foote

"Cameron is a most talented actor and a talented director."

Mary Badham

"Nobody does it better than Cameron Watson. He is one of the finest directors I have ever known."

Christina Pickles

"Cameron wisely and gently pushes me beyond where I thought I could go. It's exciting." 

Peri Gilpin

"Cameron has a strong point of view and is a tremendously wise and helpful guide.".​

Keith Carradine

"Cameron is one of the most assured directors I have ever worked with."

​"The insights Cameron has from being on both sides of the camera would be of great value to any actor."  Jeff Greenberg, Emmy Award-winning casting director

For more information on classes and private coachings:
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